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My French course is really meeting my expectations: the level is high and challenging, the classmates engaged, the teacher very good, Jessika is very good and clearly very knowledgeable. ”


Claire was invaluable in helping me regain my footing in French, which I hadn’t used in a meaningful way for over twenty years. I would have happily kept my nose buried in the grammar books, if Claire hadn’t accurately recognized that I needed to focus on verbal communication and oral comprehension. This isn’t to say that we didn’t spend time on the “nuts and bolts,” but through creative exercises and conversations, she really helped me gain the skills and confidence necessary to actually talk! Claire is adept at determining the learning styles of her students and tailoring her teaching style to them; and her organized, thoughtful approach helped me build upon each session, while witnessing the progress I was making. Overall, working with Claire was an incredibly nurturing and productive experience.”


“I very much enjoyed working with Céline. She is very professional, she takes the time to fully understand the needs and the actual level of her students and then proposes different teaching methods. She combines traditional way of learning a foreign language with the newest techniques and tools available. Also, she motivates her students and keeps a positive learning atmosphere throughout her classes.I strongly recommend Céline to anyone interested in learning or improving their French who are looking for a tutor ready to challenge them in a fun and interactive way.”


“I am really satisfied with the course! Elodie is a great teacher!
In just 25 hours I feel like I made so much progress. Before the course I didn’t dare to speak and right now I’m doing business related 1-to-1’s in French! (with of course still English moments in it)
I must say that my interest in the language helps a lot but I would definitely recommend this teaching method. The books are clear and the assignments are quite fun.”

Rowan (Club Med)

“Claire is a fantastic teacher! Our son (4 years old at the time he started) really benefited from having French “ateliers” with Claire once a week! We are French, and she really helped him to structure his French, amidst the confusion for him of hearing 3 languages on a daily basis! Kids love her, she really has the “thing” on how to bring the knowledge to them… without them even noticing it!”


“My husband and I recently bought a house in France and soon realized that we needed to be able to communicate in French!  We found Claire online and immediately saw that her lessons were perfect for us. She is flexible on timing (we have a small daughter so this is great) and she really listened to our goals and amended her lesson plans to suit our different styles of learning.  We are growing more and more confident each week thanks to her relaxed but competent teaching!”