Elisa Vespier

Elisa is a French teacher from Normandy. She graduated in French language and literature, obtained her CAPES and taught for several years in France before moving to The Netherlands. As she followed her lover, she fell in love with Amsterdam and now enjoys teaching French to young and old alike, whether they are native French speakers or new to the language. Besides teaching, Elisa loves travelling, watching movies, reading books and last but not least going to the museum.

Aude Gooly
Freshly arrived in Amsterdam, I am an artist and had the chance to do numerous exhibitions around the world, in places like Mauritius, Paris, Tahiti and Singapore. I have been teaching Arts in Primary & Secondary schools for more than 20 years now. My favourite word is "creativity", behind this word is great freedom and the development of self-confidence. My workshops are invitations to enthusiasm, wonder, and to realize one's own creative spirit to its full potential. The objective is to express yourself freely, in a playful way in the various subjects proposed.
Pauline Fotzler
I grew up in Strasbourg, where I completed my Language Degree (English, German, Dutch). I then went travelling for a few months, and afterwards, I became a French assistant in a school in Amersfoort. During this year, I was able to consolidate my skills in Dutch and fell in love with this country and its people. Later, I completed my Master's degree in French as a Foreign Language at the University of Montpellier, and I had the opportunity to work as an intern at L'école de Français in 2020 which allowed me to meet this wonderful team and structure, where I now have the chance to teach online from France.
Solyse Paris
Hello, my name is Solyse. I studied Foreign Languages and International Trade. I lived and worked in several countries : England, Spain, Italy and New Zealand. In 2020, after 3 years spent in France, I decided to move to Haarlem wishing to find a job involving French culture, cultural activities and contact with children. I started working for a French Foundation in Haarlem in September 2020. I love this job. And I was hoping to find something similar in Amsterdam. I like the idea of learning French in a fun way ; with games, songs, etc. I have always had a good contact with children. I like playing with them, doing manual activities, singing, cooking and more.
Marie Legrand
I grew up in Normandy and very quickly developed a passion for literature and foreign languages. After my degree, I taught in Paris for two years and was in daily. contact with multicultural settings. I am also a great lover of Europe and I wanted to go on an adventure! With my partner, we decided to move to Amsterdam during the summer of 2021. I am passionate about art and theatre. I know the museums of Paris like the back of my hand. I love to be able to make culture fun and accessible to everyone, whatever their language level!