Céline Dandoy

Céline was born in the Paris outskirts. Born deaf, she received the encouragement from her parents at a young age to take up fencing once she could communicate properly. This early motivation propelled her into the sport, beginning at just 5 years old despite her mother’s initial intention for a non-combat sport. Fencing became an enduring passion throughout her primary and secondary school years, even as she attended various schools before eventually moving away from her Parisian suburb to live alone, balancing sports training, fencing practice, and academic pursuits, she successfully completed her baccalaureate in Levallois. She then continued her French modern literature studies at the Sorbonne, graduating with a Master 2. During her Erasmus year, Céline made a spur-of-the-moment decision to study in Poland, where she spent her research years. Céline knew that teaching in France was not for her, so she decided to stay in Poland, where she had been able to take her first steps in teaching French as a foreign language, but also in teaching French literature. After studying in Krakow, she moved to Warsaw, where her teaching experience proved to be a formative one, and is still with her today. She then moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she continued to teach the French language in Alliance Française, language centers and French literature at the University of Melbourne. It was during her time in Australia that she gained knowledge of the IB and DP programs. She maintained a regular column titled “le coin des profs” in a French-language magazine targeting French students and teachers LCF Magazine. In her column, she shared pedagogical activities aimed at helping French teachers enhance classroom engagement. She remained actively involved with the magazine until its end.

In 2014, Céline arrived in Amsterdam with great ambition and a vision for language teaching. After 2 years at the institut français in Amsterdam, her first son sparked a need for new challenges, hence the birth of her school. For several years, she wrote the reading guides for the Prix du jeune lecteur with Levende Talen.  Nowadays, as a teacher, she continues to teach literature at  International schools, as well as French language courses at her own establishment, in private classes or group settings.

Her unwavering passion for teaching led her to led the L’école de français in a completely autonomous way. As both a teacher and full owner, she remains accessible to both learners and fellow educators, maintaining a flat structure within the team.

Faïza Guène et Céline Dandoy - Prix du jeune lecteur 2019 à Amsterdam

Thank you to L'école de français for quickly finding time to help my daughter with her GCSE exams! Thanks to Céline's pedagogical approach and her ability to explain concepts in a simple way, my daughter felt confident throughout her private lessons in preparation for her French exam. Céline takes the time to listen carefully to each student's needs and adapts her teaching method accordingly. Her passion for the French language is evident in her dynamic way of teaching, making each lesson interesting and effective. My daughter has made rapid progress, which is a testament not only to her talent as a teacher, but also to her personal investment in the academic success of the students she teaches.

Céline was my french tutor while I was in high school taking a high level mother tongue French class even though i am not mother tongue. She helped me with my classes, assignments and overall helped me improve my French writing and speaking. I also had very hard exams to pass and she helped me with those as well. I ended up getting excellent grades thanks to her big help.

Celine is an exceptional French teacher! My children had the fortune of having her as their teacher, and she has made a lasting impression on them. Despite their lack of enthusiasm for having to work overtime, Celine quickly won them over with her engaging and interactive teaching style. What sets Celine apart is her ability to understand her students' needs and keep them on track while building a personal connection with each of them. Not only did she help my children excel in French, but she also taught them valuable skills that have made them better students in their other subjects. My children are now in University and still keep in touch with Celine, which speaks to her positive impact on their lives.

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