Objectif bavardage B2 |online| Wednesdays 12/5-30/6, 6.30pm-8pm (5 sessions)

Objectif bavardage B2 |online| Wednesdays 12/5-30/6, 6.30pm-8pm (5 sessions)
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Objectif bavardage B2|online| Wednesdays 12/5-29/6

6.30pm- 8pm (5 sessions)

In this course you can talk about whatever you like!

The teacher will be there to suggest various documents and articles about the subject you’d like to discuss, and of course to correct your French if necessary – enabling you to enrich and develop your French skills, both in terms of grammar and vocabulary.

You will see your spoken French improve and you’ll be surprised about how easy it will get to engage in conversation with a French-speaking person!

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Alexandre Barbier
Born in Paris, his parents gave him a curiosity about art, history, sport and food culture. During his studies at La Sorbonne in the French capital, he spent a lot of time in museums, galleries, cinemas, restaurants and theatres. Alexandre holds bachelor’s degrees in history and law along with a Masters in Europe’s International Relations, a Masters in International and Strategic Affairs, and an Associate Degree in Language and Culture. History and geography gave him the passion of traditions, civilisations and the desire to travel and understand languages and cultures.
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