French course B2.1 |Keizersgracht 316| Wednesdays, 14/04-30/06/2021, 6pm-8pm

French course B2.1 |Keizersgracht 316| Wednesdays, 14/04-30/06/2021, 6pm-8pm
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French course B2.1 |Keizersgracht 316| Wednesdays 14/04-30/06/2021, 6pm-8pm

Our learning goals for course unit B2

* You can explain views and assess the benefits and disadvantages of something.

* You can express your own opinions on both concrete and abstract topics.

* You can speak fluently about everyday topics and your area of professional expertise.

* Vocabulary relating to issues, justifications and elaboration on the course topic.

? Edito B2 -2015


Céline Dandoy
Founder and Director

Céline Dandoy

Céline is French, she is Parisienne born and bred and spent all her life in Paris until she decided to see what life is like outside of France. At l’école de français she divides her time between giving courses, directing the business, communication and partner relations. She’s also the one who remembers to buy new printer ink cartridges.

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