French course A2.1 | ONLINE | Tuesdays 23-3 -15/06/2021,8.15pm-9.45pm

French course A2.1 | ONLINE |  Tuesdays 23-3 -15/06/2021,8.15pm-9.45pm
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French course A2.1 | ONLINE | Tuesdays 23-3 -15/06/2021,8.15pm-9.45pm

* You learn to express views and assessments, and to state your opinion.
* You begin to be able to distinguish between formal and informal language.
* Vocabulary: friendship and emotions
* You can express yourself more extensively about your everyday life, background and lifestyle

? L’Atelier A2

Holiday: 27/04

Sabrina is a qualified teacher in French and English. She was born in Auvergne region and has lived in different parts of France as well as in Ireland and in the United Kingdom. She holds a Bachelor in English studies and Teaching French as foreign language. She also holds a Master's degree in translation and another one in TESOL and education and language policies. She received her teacher certification by the French Ministry of Education in 2010, and specialised in English language and French literature. She has taught since, in upper secondary schools in France, and at primary and lower secondary levels in Amsterdam. She has mainly taught French as a foreign language to newly arrived pupils from abroad, through organisations and as part of an inclusive school program. She is passionate about languages and technologies.
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