Flavour of France food tour, Fridays |ONLINE| 1pm-3pm, [3/09-26/11]

Flavour of France food tour, Fridays |ONLINE| 1pm-3pm, [3/09-26/11]
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Flavour of France food tour

Fridays |ONLINE| 1pm-3pm, [3/09-26/11]

France, land of wine and gastronomy!

Discover the unique stories behind our regional dishes. Take advantage of our two hours in French to travel virtually, enrich your vocabulary and why not your recipe book, because you’ll be cooking too!

Since 2010, Gastronomic meal of the French and its rituals have been listed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.  This particular attention to the pleasures of the table is found in everyday life. The gastronomic meal emphasizes togetherness, the pleasure of taste, and the balance between human beings and the products of nature. Important elements include the careful selection of dishes from a constantly growing repertoire of recipes

France has an extraordinary culinary heritage, each region has its own recipes, its AOC products.

Join us  for a flavour of France food tour online!

Lessons in French, open to all (minimum A2 level)

Amélie Jazet
Amélie grew up in a multicultural environment with an Italian mother and a father of Polish origin. She was born in Aix en Provence in the south of France, surrounded by the Calanques. She spent her teenage years in Bordeaux. Amélie is passionate about history, art and the cultures that surround her.

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