C1 Wednesdays 20.15pm-21.45pm |ONLINE| [12/1/2022-6/4/2022]

C1 Wednesdays  20.15pm-21.45pm |ONLINE|  [12/1/2022-6/4/2022]
5 students

C1 Wednesdays 20.15pm-21.45pm |ONLINE| [12/1/2022-6/4/2022]

The aims of C1 are to be able to: Understand a wide range of long and complex texts, including any subtextual or stylistic nuances. Express yourself freely and fluidly, without obviously fumbling for words. Use the language effectively and fluently in a social, professional or academic context. Speak in a clear, organised way about complex subjects, developing a well-structured argument.

NO CLASS: 23/1

Edito C1

Natacha Bonnet
In July 2015, Natacha moved to the Netherlands and since then she adores the country and the city of Amsterdam. In France she worked for 8 years as a schoolteacher at various schools in Lyon and surroundings. She was formed at the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique in Mons (Belgium) where she also worked as an actor, theatre instructor, and president of the theatre group she established together with her husband.
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