A2.2 Tuesdays 6pm-8pm (24 hours) 25/08/2020-17/11/2020

A2.2  Tuesdays 6pm-8pm (24 hours) 25/08/2020-17/11/2020
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The aims of A2 are to be able to: Understand isolated phrases and common expressions that relate to areas of high personal relevance (like personal or family information, shopping, immediate environment, work). Communicate during easy or habitual tasks requiring a basic and direct information exchange on familiar subjects. Describe your surroundings and communicate immediate needs using simple words.


Héloïse Girard
Heloise comes from La Rochelle, a city in the West of France. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages Applied tu Business Studies (LEA), two Master’s Degrees in Intercultural Relations and International Cooperation (RICI), and a Teaching Certificate for French as a Foreign Language.