A2.1 Wednesdays 8.15pm-9.45pm |ONLINE| [1/9-24/11]

A2.1 Wednesdays 8.15pm-9.45pm |ONLINE| [1/9-24/11]
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A2.1 Wednesdays 8.15pm-9.45pm |ONLINE| [1/9-24/11]

Our learning goals for couse unit A2.1

* You learn to express views and assessments, and to state your opinion.

* You learn to describe in the past tense, compare and give orders and advices.

* Vocabulary: friendship and emotions, work-related activities.

* You can express yourself more extensively about your everyday life, background and lifestyle.

L’atelier A2

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Amélie Jazet
Amélie grew up in a multicultural environment with an Italian mother and a father of Polish origin. She was born in Aix en Provence in the south of France, surrounded by the Calanques. She spent her teenage years in Bordeaux. Amélie is passionate about history, art and the cultures that surround her.
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