French Course For total beginners A1.1 | ONLINE | Saturdays 9am-10.30am [4/9-4/12/2021]

French Course For total beginners A1.1 | ONLINE | Saturdays 9am-10.30am  [4/9-4/12/2021]
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French Course For Beginners A1.1 | ONLINE | Saturdays 9am-10.30am [4/9-4/12/2021]

Our learning goals for course unit A1.1

* You can formulate simple sentences and questions.

* You can exchange basic information about yourself and others and ask you way and give basic directions

* Vocabulary: everyday activities and daily routines.

* You learn to talk about the time and numbers (prices, telephone numbers and time of day).

 L’Atelier A1

NO CLASSES ON: 16/10 & 23/10

Are you too busy during the week and want to learn French? Join our online beginners’ course on Saturday mornings!

Alexandre Barbier
Born in Paris, his parents gave him a curiosity about art, history, sport and food culture. During his studies at La Sorbonne in the French capital, he spent a lot of time in museums, galleries, cinemas, restaurants and theatres. Alexandre holds bachelor’s degrees in history and law along with a Masters in Europe’s International Relations, a Masters in International and Strategic Affairs, and an Associate Degree in Language and Culture. History and geography gave him the passion of traditions, civilisations and the desire to travel and understand languages and cultures.
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