3 – 4 ans, course for French speakers, SATURDAYS 10.30am – 11.20am (28/8/2021 – 9/7/2022)

3 – 4 ans, course for French speakers, SATURDAYS 10.30am – 11.20am (28/8/2021 – 9/7/2022)
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3 – 4 ans, course for French speakers,

SATURDAYS 10.30am – 11.20am (28/8/2021 – 9/7/2022)

The teacher guides each child into a structured way of communication, giving them more suitable words and sentences structures in order to give them confidence in French. We will use topics, stories and activities to work on key linguistic spots (asking questions, describing their everyday life…)

  • Please write your child’s first and last name and date of birth in the order notes section

  • Registration are limited to eight students to ensure that each child receives maximum individual attention.

  • Trial class possible all year round if the course is not full- contact us for the possibilities [email protected]

  • Registrations are open all year round (12 classes/1 trimester for € 171)

L’enseignant accompagne chaque enfant dans ses essais de communication organisée, reprenant ses productions orales pour lui apporter des mots ou des structures de phrase plus adaptés qui l’aident à prendre confiance en français et à progresser. Les thèmes, les histoires et les activités permettent de travailler sur des points linguistiques clés (exemples : formuler des questions, décrire son quotidien…)

Juliana Joly
Born and raised in the Paris suburbs for the first half of her life, Juliana then moved to Normandy with her family, where she grew up amongst cute villages and fields filled with cows (she still doesn’t like smelly cheeses like camembert though) Later on, she moved to Strasbourg for her studies and discovered the beautiful Alsace region and the Alsatian dialect. She holds a Bachelor of Languages and Multiculturalism and studied Dutch at the university. When her teacher told her that one of the queens of the Netherlands was called Juliana, she decided it was time to see this country for real. Therefore she moved again, this time to Amsterdam, within the ERASMUS exchange program. She immediately fell in love with the city – and with a French man she met during Dutch classes (true story) – and never left! That was 7 years ago, and she has been in love both with the Netherlands and her French man since then.
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