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Céline is French, she is Parisienne born and bred and spent all her life in Paris until she decided to see what life is like outside of France…
She has a master’s degree in French Literature from Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. She has also learnt lots of foreign languages (Spanish, Italian, Polish…) so she can definitely explain how languages work and understand what her students feel.
She has taught French for more than 10 years and in 3 countries (Australia, Poland, Netherlands). From students at the University of Melbourne to companies in Holland, from adults in evening courses to bilingual teenagers (at International School of Amsterdam) willing to expand their language usage and study French culture and literature.
She is described by her students as proactive, professional, challenging, organised, creative…
At l’école de français she divides her time between giving courses, directing the business, communication and partner relations. She’s also the one who remembers to buy new printer ink cartridges.
In addition to that, she’s a mother to two boys, and as such has become a true talent at multitasking.

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