Business courses

Our business courses help enhance your team’s French skills and improve communication with French-speaking business partners, clients and colleagues.

Businesses that set up French classes for their employees not only gain a competitive edge in Francophone markets, but also enhance their business travel experiences in French-speaking countries.

Our business courses are designed to be effective, stimulating and practical. The content of each course is tailored to your business, industry and personal priorities.
Whether you need to lay the foundation to become fluent in French or you are looking to brush up on the intricacies of corporate communication, we can build a course that will suit your needs and equip you with the elements of the language that you require to make a mark in your industry.
Lessons can be conducted during your working hours. We can arrange one-on-one or in groups at your office or at our location in Amsterdam.

We will evaluate your needs with an intake and put forward a course curriculum that can start as soon as you agree on the proposal. We start at €70 an hour (max. 5 persons)

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