Our courses are designed to help you become confident in conversing in French. With a maximum of 8 students per group, we bring an immersive learning experience that promotes the latest methods focused on speaking skills.

All course materials such as textbooks and other materials for study are included in the price. Each course also offers life-time access to its content such as resources, homework, and other helpful aids through a dedicated website page.  Native speakers teach the classes in French which follow the CEFR framework accordingly.

Our program combines grammar, culture, and conversation skills evenly to ensure students can express themselves confidently upon completion of the course. The classes are held in a historic building making your learning experience an unforgettable one! (Negen straatjes, Amsterdam)

Which lesson level suits you?

The levels of our courses are based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). Below you can read which lesson goal we have for each level. If you have any questions, please contact us. Together we will find the course at the level that suits you best.

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A1.1. French for total Beginners on-site

A1.1 |August| Monday & Wednesday 18:00-21:00 7/8-23/8
A1.1 Intensive French course |June| 12/6-15/6
A1.1 Intensive French course | August| 21/8-24/8
A1.1 Intensive French course | September | 4/9-7/9
A1.1 Intensive French course | JUNE | 12/6-15/6

A1.2. French for false Beginners on-site

A1.2 |August| Tuesday & Thursday 18:00-21:00 8/8-24/8
A1.2 Intensive French course |August| 7/8-10/8
A1.2 Intensive French course | July | 17/7-20/7

A2.1. French Elementary on-site

A2.1 Intensive French course | June | 19/6-22/6
A2.1 Intensive French course | August| 31/7-3/8

A2.2 French Elementary on-site

A2.2 Intensive French course |JULY| 10/7-13/7
A2.2 Intensive French course |AUGUST| 28/8-31/8

B1.1 French Intermediate on-site

B1.1 Intensive French course | July | 17/7-20/7
B1.1 Intensive French course | June | 26/6-29/6
B1.1 Intensive French course | August | 7/8-10/8

B1.2 French Intermediate on-site

B2.1 French Upper intermediate on-site

B2.2 French Upper intermediate on-site

C1 & C2 French Operational proficiency or advanced on site

Our past courses on-site