Teenagers courses

Course Schedule 2017/2018 groups for teenagers

We have courses for high school students who have already studied French before and courses for French native speakers.

French as foreign language

Monday, 4 :30pm – 5:45pm, from 18/9/17 to 17/4/18 € 410

The class is open to teenagers who learn French in secondary school. The objective is to go in depth with the four language skills with a native and experienced teacher, used to work with teenagers. Learners will have the benefit of being taught in small groups in which they can open up in French and gain confidence, whether it is for speaking or writing.

French mother tongue

Tuesday 4 :30pm – 5 :45pm, from 19/9/17 to 17/4/18 € 410

This class is open to French speaking teenagers who are not/not anymore following the French school system. The goal is to approach the main topics of French language and culture, in an active way.
Using rich and diversified topics (such as travel journal, autobiography, fantastic etc.), learners will extend their vocabulary and their writing abilities. This course will be held by an experienced French native teacher, CAPES holder (French state diploma).

Introduction to acting course

Wednesday 4 :30pm – 5 :30pm, from 20/9/17 to 11/7/17, € 450

This theater class gives teenagers the opportunity to know themselves better, but also to get to know and understand each others. This class also put a slant on teamwork and exchanges between students. Learners will explore the field of voice management (breathing, elocution), body language, memory and self-confidence. Teenagers will also learn how to create characters and coherent plots.
The school year will end with a play.

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  • Price includes textbooks and materials. Each course has an assigned webpage giving you access to a class summary, all resources & homework.
  • We allow a maximum of 8 people in a group, do not wait to enrol.
  • At least 4 students need to be registered for a course to be opened.
  • There will be no lessons during the school holidays of the region North.
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