Booster course A1.1 /ONLINE/ (23/11-3/12/2020)

Booster course A1.1 /ONLINE/ (23/11-3/12/2020)
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Booster course A1.1 Online

23/11/2020,  26/11/2020,  30/11/2020, 3/12/2020


Have you followed a general language course but are you unsure about continuing on a higher level? Have you learnt French some time ago but do you need to brush up on your skills to get back to the level you once had? Then this A1 booster course is for you! In this course we will review grammar and key vocabulary of  the A1.1  level, using exercises, games and practical activities.



Vincent Bonnet
Vincent is our drama teacher. Although he is a drama teacher first and foremost, he has been working in the theatre business as a comedian and scenarist for more than fifteen years.
Nausicaa Hugon
Nausicaa Hugon is a native of Marseille who has lived in the Netherlands for a number of years and enjoys teaching non-natives French.