B1.1 (online) Mondays 10am-12pm (24 hours) 31/08/2020-16/11/2020

B1.1  (online) Mondays 10am-12pm (24 hours) 31/08/2020-16/11/2020
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In this course you can talk about whatever you like! The teacher will be there to suggest various documents and articles about the subject you’d like to discuss, and of course to correct your French if necessary – enabling you to enrich and develop your French skills, both in terms of grammar and vocabulary. You will see your spoken French improve and you’ll be surprised about how easy it will get to engage in conversation with a French-speaking person!


Héloïse Girard
Heloise comes from La Rochelle, a city in the West of France. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages Applied tu Business Studies (LEA), two Master’s Degrees in Intercultural Relations and International Cooperation (RICI), and a Teaching Certificate for French as a Foreign Language.