9 – 11 years old, French in depth Saturdays, 10:30am – 11:20am

9 – 11 years old, French in depth Saturdays, 10:30am – 11:20am
4 students

21/9/19 – 27/6/20

Registration open all the school year long, possibility to register per trimester (€ 171)

French as foreign language for non-native children who have already studied French. A playful and structured class to learn French while having fun.


Sophie Coll
Sophie was born in Perpignan and grew up in a small mountain village in the Languedoc region at the Spanish border. Three years ago, she moved to Brest in Brittany after having lived in Toulouse for 8 years, which she calls her second home. Sophie also lived in Okinawa, Japan, for a year. There she obtained her degree in “Français Langue Étrangère” (French as a second language) and taught French to a diverse and international public. In her classes, Sophie likes to make use of popular culture, interculturality and a playful way of teaching. Concretely, this means the use of videos and various games. With her humour and enthusiasm, she brings a pleasant vibe to the class. Apart from teaching, Sophie likes drawing and travelling.
Elodie Dobigny
Elodie was born and grew up in Perpignan in the south of France. She has visited and lived in several other countries. During her experiences abroad, she discovered her passion for teaching languages. She taught FLE (French as a foreign language) in Australia for 3 years, and in Tokyo, she animated conversation classes for Japanese adults. She enjoys working with groups of adults as well as with children. Elodie is dynamic and likes to work interactively by focusing on participatory learning from educational material that she likes to create herself. In her free time, Elodie enjoys exploring new places, cycling, reading and sharing good times with family and friends.
Manon Clément
Manon was born in Montpellier in the south of France and grew up in a very small village in the Pic Saint-Loup region. She has a bachelor’s degree in French Language and Literature (“Lettres Modernes”) and she is finishing French as foreign language studies. She was a language assistant in England for two years and she worked in several primary and secondary schools. After this first expatriation, she came to Utrecht in order to join her partner, she worked at the Hogeschool and she started to learn Dutch. She likes meeting people with different cultures and she is interested in languages. During her free-time, Manon enjoys reading, going to the cinema, travelling and hiking.
Maria Chalevelaki
Maria is an independent researcher and creative thinker. She holds a Phd in Linguistics and has taught in Higher Education in France and in Greece. She loves languages and discovering new cultures. She has lived in Canada, Greece, France, Germany and the last 3 years she enjoys life in the Netherlands. Teaching and French are her passions that she is happy to share with her international students in Amsterdam. She is the author of a successful book on semiotics -a cool science about signs and codes- and is planning to publish a second one. She loves spending her time with her precious family. Her 7 year old son already speaks three languages and knows how to say I am big in Japanese.


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